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Allow people to join a waitlist

What is the benefits of waitlists

For many popular events or smaller events with a limited capacity having the ability to create a waitlist can be helpful.

Not only does it allow you to gauge interest in an event even after it is fully booked but it also allows you to continue to grow your mailing list.

If you enable the waitlist feature than anyone who tried to book a fully booked event or time slot has to option to join the waitlist.

how to turn on the waitlist

What happens when someone joins the waitlist.

When someone joins the waitlist they simple get told they are on the waitlist. The booking will only be confirmed if one of the organisers team decided to confirm this booking manually.

This might be done if more availability is released or they anticipate a reduced attendance rate.

Step 1 - Join the waitlist

Join waitlist

Step 2. Confirmation they are on the waitlist

confirmation on waitlist

How to organisers confirm waitlist bookings.

People that are added to the waitlist will show in the bookings view with a pause icon. By clicking on the booking with a waitlist state youy can then decide to confirm this booking or reject it.

Step 1 - See waitlist bookings

spot waitlist bookings

Step 2 - Accept or reject booking

accept or reject

Step 3 - option 1 - Rejecting a booking

When rejecting a booking you have the option to send an email explaining why the booking has been rejected or reject silently.

Step 3. Rejecting a booking

Step 3 - option 2 - Confirming a booking from the waitlist

When you confirm a booking from the waitlist ARTSVP will send the booking confirmation email on your behalf.

confirming waitlist booking

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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