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Public, private, featured events

You can share all your events via one single link, optimised for sharing on your website and social media. This main booking link can be found at the top of your dashboard - image and GIF below.

If you organise private events and you want to share the booking page only with certain guests you can mark these event pages as 'Private' in your 'Edit' section, selecting the type of 'Visibility'. The booking page won't be indexed by google and only those guests who are directly emailed will be able to book via that link.

Beyond the main booking link, bear in mind that each event automatically generates a specific link, which you can find in 'Share'. Having individual links for each events makes it easy to keep guest list and bookings separate from one another.

Click on 'Featured' in 'Optional Settings' of 'Edit' if you want your event, whether private or public, to be included on the general booking link.

Private events: when an event is marked as private (and not Featured) it won't show on the general link.

Public events: if you don't want to show an event in the list of the general link, make sure you untick 'featured'.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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