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Understanding availability

ARTSVP is designed to make it easy for our clients to set up flexible booking pages, keep track of visitors and manage numbers.

Understanding how ARTSVP differs from a traditional ticket system helps make sure you set up a page that can deliver the best results.

Real-time availability

ARTSVP calculates availability in realtime. This means that each time a booking is made cancelled or updated we recalculate the availability of all affected time slots.

Changing availability does not impact existing bookings

It's easy to change availability settings without worrying about affecting existing bookings. When you make these changes ARTSVP recalculates the availability per time slot based on the existing number of bookings taking place at any one time.

If for example you reduced the capacity from 10 to 4 any slots that already had 4 or more bookings will now appear full to future visitors wanting to book. Crucially though no existing bookings will be deleted or lost.

Changing frequency of future bookings

You can change the frequency of bookings without affecting any previously made bookings. ARTSVP automatically calculates the availability of these now booking slots based on the duration and quantity of pre-existing bookings.

For example if you previous allowed booking every 60 mins with a booking duration also of 60mins but then reduced the frequency of future bookings to every 30mins the new slots take into account hat the old bookings would impact the availability on 2 (or more) booking slots now.

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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