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Tracking booking source

It can be helpful to know where bookings originate from. At ARTSVP we don't use cookies to track users but we do allow you to add a parameter to the booking link which will mark the source of the booking.

How to add add a parameter to a booking URL

When you are ready to share your booking link simply copy the link and instead of sharing it add in a the ?source_ref parameter at the end of the url.

eg. event url is parameter ?source_ref={addyoursourcehere}Booking link with source parameter:{addyoursourcehere}

Please note that the source_ref parameter will then be added to the meta data attached to the booking.

Viewing the booking source

To view the source of a booking simply click the booking and you will see the Source if a link with this parameter was used to book.

This meta data is also visible in the downloads of bookings and this data is also passed back to GET bookings API calls.

Why would I want to track the source

There are many reasons to track the source. Some of these include:

Measuring your own marketing channels. Set the source_ref to email, instagram, whatsapp etc

Keep track of which partners help sell tickets

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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