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Ticket fees and charges

Whilst ARTSVP never charge a fee for processing individual free bookings when it comes to paid ticketing we (us and our payment provider, Stripe) charge a small % fee.

Please note the following article applies to transactions in £GBP. If you would like to discuss handling fees in $ or other currencies please get in touch by emailing [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#dbb3beb7b7b49bbaa9afa8adabf5b8b4b6)

Paid ticket fees

ARTSVP charges a standard booking fee of 5%. .

In addition to this charge there is also a variable charge from our payment processor Stripe. Stipe charge vary depending on the type of card used to make the purchase.

Stripe fees in the UK start at 1.4% +20p per transaction. (increase to 2.9% +20 when non-European cards are used on local transactions.

Stripe fees vary from country to country so please see Stripe's pricing page for further details

How ARTSVP handle fees

At ARTSVP we have a strong focus on providing our client's customers with a simple booking and ticket purchasing experience. In order to provide the simplest flow we do not allow vendors using ARTSVP to pass fees on to the visitor. Instead ARTSVP takes our fees.

As ARTSVP takes our fees (and Stripe's fee) out of the total transaction it can be an option to increase public pricing to cover the fees. This is up to individual vendors.

Example fee breakdown

If you were to sell a single ticket priced at £15 (paid for with European Card), the fee breakdown would be as follows:

Amount paid by customer: £15

Fee taken by ARTSVP (5%): 75p

Fee taken by Stripe (1.4% +20p): 21p +20p = 40p

Total fees taken from transaction: £1.05

Amount received by vendor: £13.95

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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