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Setting organisation defaults

Each organisation on ARTSVP has the ability to set defaults to speed up the process of event creation.

Setting the defaults is super helpful and saves event managers time copying text from other events for copy that is generally used on most events.

How defaults work

When you create a new event on ARTSVP there is lots of custom text that can be added to the booking flow, and transactional emails sent to people who make bookings.

When the event is created the custom copy will initially be populated by the organisation defaults.

Event managers can then either edit, change or remove the defaults to work with the event they are creating.

Why defaults are so helpful

Default make it much easier to create events quickly. If the defaults are configured with copy that is often used for the bookings flows of events it saves time copying and pasting from other events.

Defaults also make it easy for organisations to set the tone of language and pre-populate new events with the commonly used copy.

What events will use the defaults

Only new events will use the defaults when they are created. If you change the defaults it will only affect future new events a member of your team creates.

**What copy/text should I add to the defaults**

It is good practice to add generic copy that will be used by the majority of events. When the events are created these defaults can then easily be customised to suit the specific event.

For example you may set the default "visitor info" (displayed on the first page of the booking flow) to something like:

"Please enter your details to book for this event. If you have any questions contact us here"

Then when the event is created this can be customised easily. Eg:

"Please enter your details to book your spot at the opening party.

If you have any questions contact us here"

**Examples of copy to include in the defaults**

Visitor info:

If bags are allowed

If there is a cloakroom

Link to covid health and safety measures

Within the custom booking confirmation and reminder email text:

Link to health and safety page


Nearest Public Transport

Contact email

**What not to include in the defaults**

Avoid using dates or location information if you regularly operate in different venues.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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