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Sending Invites

Viewing invites

Fairs configure the portals to allow exhibitors an allocation of invites that can be generated and distributed. There may be multiple types of invites allocated to each exhibitor. Once an invite has been generated and distributed it will show as awaiting response. One the invite has been used this status will be updated and you can view the bookings that have been made.

Sending invites

When you want to send an invite you first must generate the invite. You can then send this unique link to a specific client by any means. ARTSVP provide you with the ability to quickly generate an email on your behalf that you can then customise. Alternatively you can copy the invite link and send via sms, Whatsapp, iMessage etc.

What does the guest have to do

When a guest received the invite link they will be able to book to attend the fair. Depending on the configuration of the specific invite they may also be able to indicate if they are bringing a +1.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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