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Multi use invites

Why do I need multi use invites?

A common problem we hear, from art fairs especially, is how to provide partners and exhibitors with an easy way to invite their own guests.

By using multi use invite links art fairs can provide exhibitors/partners each with a unique invite link set to a certain number of uses. This allows the art fair to manage the numbers whilst the exhibitor/partner is free to send their invite to their guests.

How do multi use invites work?

A multi use invite is set to allow a certain number of bookings. In addition the label given to the multi use invite will be passed to any bookings made from this invite link.

This makes it easy to search the bookings based on the label so you can isolate bookings for a specific exhibitor/partner.

Can I see how many times an invite has been used?

Yes. We show how many times an invite is used on your invites dashboard.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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