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Invites Overview

This week we launched invites. Invites allow event organisers and developers to improve the the booking experience for their audience whilst retaining more control over who can book to attend.

Invite links are designed primarily to give the event organiser more control over who can book. They are perfect for member only or VIP events. Additionally invite links allow event organisers to personalise the booking experience.

**Why personalise the booking experience with invites?**

Personalising the booking experience allows brands to not only provide a more direct way to interact with their audience but it also saves the invited guest time.

When invites are personalised there is no need for the guest to enter their name or email. Then the guest simply selects the time of the booking and indicates how many +1s they will have (if permitted).

Adding the details of an invitee also allows the event organiser to customise the text displayed on the visitor info section of a booking page. Find out how to personalised visitor info content here

**What other benefits are there of using invites?**

Invites have many interesting additional benefits that ARTSVP clients can choose to use.

One of the main ones is the ability to attach other information (as meta data) to a booking that has been made from an invitation link.

For example you may want to know who invited certain guests and you can add this to the invite. This information will be added to the booking allowing better segmentation data or the ability to filter certain booking (This can also be done via the API allowing ARTSVP clients to create custom UI's that render lists of bookings that match certain criteria of meta data).

Invite links can be shared with invitees using sms, WhatsApp or most commonly email.

We have made it easy to download all invites which you can then mail merge into mail-out so each invitee gets a personalised invite link.

When large amount of invited guest are involved we recommend using the api to generate invites for each guest.

Unlike private booking links which technically allow anyone with the link to book, invite links is that they have limited use. They can also be customised for a specific person meaning event organisers have much more control over who can book certain events.

Invite links are more secure

Invite links can be customised

Invite links can be generated through the API

**What future developments can we expect with invites?**

We are continuing to develop the functionality of invites to help more event organisers.

Some things we are currently working on:

Multi-use invites (set limit on how many times i single invite link can be used to make bookings) - This is designed to help fairs allow galleries invite guests easily whilst still manage numbers.

Ability to access booking pages with just invite code. This will allow brands to send physical invites with personalised codes to let VIPs book.

Golden invites - allow certain guests to book even if certain times are fully booked.

If you have any other suggestions to improve invites please get in touch using live chat or by emailing [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#b5c6c0c5c5dac7c1f5d4c7c1c6c3c59bd6dad8)

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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