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What are "Exhibitor Portals"?

Exhibitor portals make it easy for exhibitors at fairs to invite their guests, see when people have booked and get notified when they arrive.

What are the benefits of portals?

Exhibitor portals stop the need for art fairs to invite guests on behalf of exhibitors. The exhibitors can send invites to their clients. This means that personal contact details are only ever shared by the guest themselves and any data added by exhibitors to create and send invites is not shared with the Art Fair.

Easy to see available invites
Easy to distribute invites by email
Easy to see which guests have accepted invites and when they are booked to attend
No need to share contact details of clients directly with the fair
No need to contact the fair to invite guests

How to claim ownership of your Exhibitor Portal

When you receive the link to your portal, if it has not yet been assigned, you will be asked to enter an email to assign the portal to your gallery or business. This email will be used for future contact from the Fair and ARTSVP.

How to protect your data

Once assigned, you have the option of setting a shared password to protect your data. This means that anyone attempting to visit your Portal with the link will need to enter the shared password to do so.

Your data is GDPR compliant. Any guest data you add to your Exhibitor Portal (when adding Names and Emails to create invites)

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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