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Different uses of ARTSVP booking pages

You can use booking pages in many different ways and for different reasons.

ARTSVP booking pages do more than just reduce admin of handling bookings and appointment manually.

Common uses of ARTSVP booking pages

General opening hours booking page

Providing a link for visitors to be able to book a time to come to the gallery or exhibition.

General opening hours booking pages allow you to know who is planning on coming and prepare for visitors or high value clients.

These booking pages can also be used to record the details of visitors who do not make an advance booking.

Booking page for live events (Artist talks, drink receptions etc.)

Single time slot booking pages make it easy to build and manage guest lists for individual events.

Having individual links for each events makes it easy to keep guest list and bookings seperate from one another.

With single time slot booking page you no longer have to create your own guest list.

Arranging client appointments

Having a booking page makes it easy for clients to see when specific teams or individual members of the team have time to arrange meetings and appointments.

For example you may have a booking page for client appraisals or valuations.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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