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Blocking availability

Most booking pages created using ARTSVP have a maximum capacity either for the whole single slot event or for multi slot events.

Occasionally you may want to either reduce the availability for certain slots or block our future bookings all together.

There are several ways to stop bookings but blocking availability provides the most flexibility.

Reasons to block availability

There are many reasons why a gallery or business will want to block availability. Here are some of the common ones:

You have a photo shoot taking place and want to stop all bookings during a certain time

You are going out for lunch

There may be another event taking place at the same space that has an expected amount of guests meaning you need to reduce availability on the booking page

How to block availability

The easiest way to block availability is to add a Blocker. You can configure the start and end time, and the amount of tickets you want to block. If you want to block out bookings completely then simply set the number of tickets to the same as the capacity set for the booking page. For reducing the availability simply set the number of tickets to the amount you want to reduce the capacity by.

To add a Blocker simply click on the green "Blocker" button at the top right of the bookings view.

Setting the blocker:

Blockers will not affect existing bookings

Adding blockers will not affect any pre existing bookings. If you need to cancel bookings that are happening you can do this one by one.

Alternatives to using the blocker

It is also possible to manage the number of bookable slots by either adjusting the capacity of an event or by using invite links.

Using multi use invite links instead of a booking link give you extra control as you can set the number of times the link can be used. For example if you were running a single slot event you could set the capacity to 100 and then use an invite link with 50 uses. At a later date you can edit the invite link to increase the number of uses or create a new invite link to distribute.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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