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9. Managing bookings and guest-lists at art fairs

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As event managers know, managing bookings and handling requests from customers is time consuming. At ARTSVP we have listened to the feedback of early adopters to make it easy to handle the most common requests such as updating bookings and re-sending confirmation emails.

All booking management can be done from the bookings view and when viewed from a collection it is easy to find a specific booking using search.

Common tasks when managing bookings:

Finding bookings quickly

Checking the status of the automated emails

Edit the email on a booking and re-sending confirmation

Adding notes to bookings (helpful for FOH team to know about special guests)

View all meta associated with a booking

Adding phone bookings directly to the list

Recording details of walk-in guests

Recording the details of additional guests on a booking

Downloading all bookings

Downloading bookings that have opted into mailing lists

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Updated on: 27/10/2022

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