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8. Public ticketing for Art Fairs

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ARTSVP makes it easy to handle all bookings including all ticket sales. This makes handling all booking enquiries simple and means that only one system is needed for front of house.

ARTSVP ticketing has been built to be flexible to set up and still provide a simply booking process asking for the minimum required details from each ticketed guest.

Link your organisation to your Stripe account to sell tickets

ARTSVP allows organisations and individuals to sell tickets. The money is sent directly to the organisation's Stripe account where it is easy for them to manage transactions, issue refunds etc. Stipe is also very easy to link to most main accountancy software like XERO and Quickbooks for easy account reconciliation. For Fairs that don;t have a Stripe account, this can be set up and connected to ARTSVP in a few minutes.

Setting up tickets

Once you have configured the copy, settings and availability of your booking page you can then edit the tickets. You can have as many different ticket types as you like. Most fairs have Adult, Senior/Student and sometimes Group tickets.

With ARTSVP you can assign how many guests each ticket contains so that group tickets affect the availability accurately.

Tickets can also be given a description which can be helpful to highlight if a ticket is valid for a day, single entry etc.

Selling anything alongside tickets with Extras

Some fairs like to sell additional items when a customer is buying a ticket. This can be anything from a tote bag that can be picked up on a arrival to a limited edition print. Adding Extras allows fairs to distinguish tickets that include guests and affect availability from other items.

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Updated on: 27/10/2022

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