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6. Handling exhibitor’s guests with multi-use invites

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One of the many time consuming tasks in the run up to any art fair is handling the exhibitors invited guests. Many exhibitors are increasingly reluctant to hand over the details of their guests to the fair directly so booking them in can prove complex.

At ARTSVP we identified this problem and are excited to see all the fairs we operate using multi use invites to manage the exhibitor’s guests booking easily and efficiently.

How to use multi use invites to track manage exhibitor’s guest bookings

Art fairs using ARTSVP are encouraged to use multi use invites to make it easy to take and track the bookings from each of their exhibitors.

In its simplest form multi use invites can be labelled with the name of the exhibitor and all bookings for such a link will then be tagged with the source of the booking (normally the exhibitors name).

Each fair will generate at least 1 multi use invite link per exhibitor and distribute these to all exhibitors who can then send them on to their guests.

Art Fairs can limit the number of uses of each multi use invite link to help manage numbers and can easily see which exhibitors links have been use. If more invites are required then the number of uses can be adjusted after the link has been distributed.

Generating exhibitor invite links in bulk

Each fair may have between 20-150 exhibitors and each may be provided with a single multi-use invite link. To make it easy to generate all the links Art Fairs can upload a csv file of all the exhibitors and specify the number of uses per link.

How can invite links benefit the exhibitors too

All bookings originating from an invite will inherit all the details of the invite. This includes the label and any additional metadata that was added when the invite was created.

This allow the fair to easily filter all booking originating from a particular exhibitor.

Some fairs using our API show the booking that have certain labels to show in the exhibitors dashboard. Others simply use the search feature or download feature to filter the relevant bookings and inform the exhibitor who is attending and when.

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Updated on: 27/10/2022

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