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11. Selling tickets on site at art fairs

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Selling tickets on site can be handled in many ways. Most fairs using ARTSVP for ticket sales simply print QR codes that take visitors directly to the public ticketing page.

Setting up QR codes for selling tickets

Setting up QR codes is easy and can be done with many free tools available online. QR codes are easy to configure to redirect the customer to the ticketing page.

ARTSVP uses a free service called QR Code Generator

The benefit of this method is that booking appears directly on the guest-list in real time for seamless check in moments later.

Track the source of paid tickets

As with all ticketing we encourage Art Fairs to also use multi use invite links with labels to track the source of all bookings on the public ticketing page. By using an invite link with the label “On site QR code” it is easy to break down the numbers of tickets sold during the fair.

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Updated on: 27/10/2022

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